“Wherever you go, go with all your heart”

Wanderlust is a strong desire or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world. Is this Wanderlust your middle name? Great, you’re a very fortunate person! And you are also lucky because you’ve just found your best travel buddy – our mosquito repellent! Unfortunately, mosquitos also have good taste and all the wonders of this world that you want to see, mosquitos will be there already to steal you the best spot! So, since we have to share the same places with them, you better be safe. With Wild at Ease you’ll have the freedom to enjoy the magic of this world, so check below how we can help you on your journey.

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Beach or Countryside?

Whether you choose the ocean or mountain’s paradise, we are sure you will find these annoying mosquitos all around, so we want you to be protected and get back home safe. Below, are some ways of how we can help you. Check them out!

Protect all your clothes

Before getting into the wild, spray all your clothes with Wild at Ease Repellent. The repellent effect will last through 3 washes or 3 months, if the textile is not in contact with water. This is crucial if you visit a country that has a great mosquito incidence. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the middle of the jungle or in the middle of a humid city. They will be there to bite you, but we’ll also be there to protect you!
Never forget to also apply a skin repellent on exposed areas, so you can maximize your protection. Click here to get more tips on how to avoid mosquito bites when you’re enjoying outdoors.

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Time to rest

When it’s time to get back to the hotel, treehouse, tent, van or wherever you choose to sleep in, you should also spray the bed sheets, pillows, curtains, mosquito nets and all the textiles you find in your bedroom. Don’t forget your mattress because Wild at Ease spray, besides mosquitos and ticks, also repels bedbugs! You don’t want to wake up feeling all itchy, right? Don’t worry, our spray is odorless and you will not feel any smell. If you choose to sleep on a tent, spray the tent also and if you’re lucky to have a hammock outside, it’s also to be sprayed so you can be at ease while reading your book!
You can also use it back at home, if those tiny annoying creatures come buzz on your ears during the night.

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