Rewrite the story.

Surfing is passion. It’s the way we feel completely free. Friends and good waves easily put a smile on our faces, and these are the secret ingredients for a perfect sunset surfing session. But when you go out of the water, just to catch the last drop of sun in the horizon, it’s when those little bastards, aka mosquitos, come to make you run, without enjoying the Nature’s party until the end. And here it’s where we enter. We want you to rewrite the story. Get your Wild at Ease repellent, spray it on your towel, cover yourself and enjoy the moment.

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Make the most out of your surf trip

While some surfers seem to be terrified of sharks, they only account of a very small number of deaths per year, whereas around one million people die each year from diseases transmitted by mosquitos. This shows why getting an effective mosquito repellent is so important when you head on a surf trip to paradisiac destinations. Check below how we can help you enjoy paradise without mosquitos.

Protect all your clothes

Unfortunately, we can’t be 24/7 in the water surfing the coolest waves. We have to come outside and that’s where these creepy mosquitos also are. So, since we have to share the same space, being protected against them is the wisest thing you will ever do.
Spray all your clothes with Wild at Ease Repellent. The repellent effect will last through 3 washes or 3 months, if the textile is not in contact with water. Never forget to also apply a skin repellent on exposed areas, so you can maximize your protection. Click here to get more tips on how to avoid mosquito bites when you’re enjoying outdoors.

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Time to rest

When it’s time to get back to the surf camp, hotel, treehouse, tent, van or wherever you choose to sleep in, you should also spray the bed sheets, pillows, curtains, mosquito nets and all the textiles you find in your bedroom. Don’t forget your mattress because Wild at Ease spray, besides mosquitos and ticks, also repels bedbugs! You don’t want to wake up next to your baby feeling all itchy, right? Don’t worry, our spray is odorless and you will not feel any smell.
You can also use it at your place if those tiny annoying creatures come buzz on your ears during the night, when you get back home.

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