Kids don’t mind getting dirty.

Well, you do. But they don’t. They go out and play, they get excited with the little things, they make new friends easier than your friends do on Tinder, they live in the moment. They just live and live happy. Kids are the sweetest thing and that’s why mosquitos love them so much. And that’s why you, as a loving parent, need to protect them the best you can. Read below how we can help you protect them against those also tiny, but not that sweet, creatures.

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First rule of parent club:

You don’t talk about outdoor activities in front of the kids, unless you are fully prepared to engage in said activities! And being prepared also means having their clothes well protected with Wild at Ease repellent. What else can you do to keep them safe and protected? Read below:

Protect all their clothes and accessories

Wild at Ease spray was dermatologically tested and it’s completely safe for all the wild kids out there, from 6 months up. So, before they go out, spray all their clothes with it. The repellent effect will last through 3 washes or 3 months, if your kid don’t decide to jump into a puddle of water. This is crucial if you live in or visit a country that has a great mosquito incidence.
Never forget to also apply them a skin repellent on exposed areas, so you can maximize their protection. Click here to get more tips on how to avoid mosquito bites when when they’re outside.

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Bedtime stories

Your kid’s bedroom is their safe castle. And for them to be secure, you should spray Wild at Ease repellent on their bed sheets, pillows, curtains, mosquito nets and all the textiles you find in the bedroom. Don’t worry, our spray is odorless and non toxic, so they will not feel any smell. 
You can also spray the baby carriage when you go outside and all the textiles they use to have a sweet nap. Just don’t spray the cloth diaper they put in their mouth. It’s not dangerous, but there’s no mosquitos on their stomach, so your baby won’t need repellent there!

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Are you pregnant?

Did you know that pregnant women are twice as attractive to mosquitos as non-pregnant women? The researchers say that this attractiveness is likely to be linked to two physiological factors: firstly, they found that women, at an advanced stage of pregnancy, exhaled 21% greater volume of carbon dioxide than non-pregnant women (mosquitos are attracted to CO2); secondly, pregnant women have a warmer average body temperature, which is a cue for biting and landing.
You got the message, right? Yes, spray and protect all your clothes, especially in the sweet belly area. 

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The shortest family members – Pets

Although they are the most purest friends that your child can have, sometimes pets bring home some unwanted visitors, that put you and your kids at risk. But since Wild at Ease spray was made to protect you and all your family (your pet included), you just need to spray the carpets, sofas, beds, clothes and all their accessories and you will never see a tick or flea around the house again. Yes, our repellent is highly effective against them too. You see? We don’t forget no one in the house. Enjoy freedom!

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